About Motus

In a nutshell, what we do.

Motus specializes in marrying organizations with technology to simply help them do what they do better. Our work is primarily in these areas:

  • business intelligence
  • dashboarding and reporting
  • web applications
  • office automation (process evaluation, paperless office, etc.)
  • infrastructure support

All technologies are simply tools. People need the right tool at the right time to be relevant in their environment. But many times decision makers are at a loss on when to invest in technology, what technologies make sense, and what the net effect will be to the organization. Motus provides that expertise. But deciding on a particular technology is only a small piece of any technology investment.

Organizations are not run by robots, thank goodness. Any successful technology implementation must deeply consider both the technical aspects of the job but also how it will be used by people within the organization. You can design the best technical solution to a given problem but if it goes unused then it serves no purpose.

While Motus has the chops to get the job done, it's our ability to evaluation, understand and plan for the human element that gives us the ability to produce positive results. Technology is a tool. Organizations need the right tools for the work they do. Sometimes they need help getting to the root of the problem they are trying to solve, to why a particular investment in technology is strategically wise or not. Motus applies it experience with both the technical and human sides a project to create genuinely useful outcomes.

Who are Motus clients?

Motus clients have been loosely described as, "Up-n-Comers" and "Do-Gooders." And we think that's a pretty accurate description as well, especially since that's how our customers have described themselves. What does this mean in other terms? We work with growing small to medium businesses, non-profits, and goverment entities. The history of Motus and the talent behind Motus is filled with stories of businesses and organizations having some success but suddenly finding a strong need to become more sophisticated in their operations, particularly technology. Maybe your staff has tripled or quadrupled and you need to keep them productive. Perhaps you need better reporting on new markets or products. Perhaps you are under political pressure to innovate. The change process is uncomfortable and feels risky even in the best cases. Growth, expansion and change are opportunities to modify your organization for the better. Motus has been the agent and advisor to these types of changes and done so successfully.

Who got Motus going?

Motus was founded and is currently led by Michael Warner. He comes from a rough and tumble, small town youth in the Rocky Mountains, full of outdoor goodness and a deep appreciation for the notions of community and service. It was this very background and the years he spent in the Kalahari desert as a volunteer that forged his ability to work with a diversity of interests and groups.

Since that time, Michael's list of experiences and accomplishments has just been growing. MBA in e-commerce, turning around several tech based businesses, creating innovative technology solutions in the non-profit and technology sectors. So on and so on. Currently, in addition to his leadership at Motus, you can find him presenting about BI at Gartner, winning awards from Computerworld magazine, and writing articles and guest blogs. But mostly you'll find him out doing what he does best -- working with Motus clients to create technology solutions that are useful and wise investments.